When to File a Lawsuit Against Employer

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There are a lot of factors that go into a determination as to whether or not a case actually needs to be fought. All cases, whether they’re going to be settled or not, actually have to be filed at some point.

What to Do If Workers’ Compensation Denies Your Claim

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Illinois workers’ compensation laws allow injured employees to seek benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits, through a claim. However, not all workers’ comp claims are approved. In the event that your claim is denied, benefits suspended or terminated, you may be eligible to file an appeal.

Employer Discontinued Worker’s Compensation After Termination

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During oral arguments held at its March 2009 docket, the Illinois Supreme Court was asked to decide whether or not an Illinois employer, with an employee with a workers’ compensation claim, who is entitled to Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits pursuant to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act…

Stone v. Paddock Publications, Inc.

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This interesting little lawsuit that encompasses issues relating to free speech, first amendment rights, defamation, and the Citizen Participation Act, all began because of some derogatory statements posted on a newspaper website aimed at the son of a Buffalo Grove woman who was running for village trustee.