What our clients are saying About Us

Dear Mr. Dodds,

I just wanted to thank you for a couple of things regarding my whole court case and experience. I am very thankful and happy that I chose you to represent me, not only was the outcome of my situation the best that it could be, you were also extremely caring and hard working throughout all of it. I also really felt like you were funny and easy to be around, yet I completely trusted that you were going to do everything you could to help me the most. I just wanted to write this down to thank you for everything you did, you helped me out so much. I also don’t really know how or where to write a blog or testimonial saying how much I liked you and how much you helped me out, and I am more than happy to do that. So if this isn’t where my good word and recommendation to future people searching for a lawyer goes, please email me back and tell me where I can do that so it benefits you the most, because I am more than happy to do that. Thank you again Terry for all you did, I am so glad you were my lawyer!

~ R.A.

I appreciate the great job you did for me. It was stress and worry free, and you are a very honest attorney. I have never received a refund on a retainer fee paid to an attorney before you. Thank you very much.

~ R.E.

Terry represented me in a family law matter. He was very knowledgeable in family law and took on any disputes that arose relative to my case. Terry and his staff are good with communications with all parties involved even during his move to start up his own practice. All attorneys have more than one client and excel in the law pertaining to your case, but you are the one that knows your situation in detail, so for the best outcome, work with him and thoroughly do what is asked of you, and it will save you money.

~ P.T.

I’m writing this to let everybody know that the Dodds Law Office is the only law firm I recommend. I have used Terry Dodds for a couple of cases. 1) a speeding ticket that I no longer have 2) a DUI charge. I’ve never had a DUI before and I was very afraid of how it would affect my life. Terry and his staff (when I came to him with the case) were quick to take it on. They were very prompt in letting me know that I needed to took action right away to ensure no loss of evidence. When called in by Terry and a his staff for a case review, they had every little piece of information laid out, were ready to answer questions, and a resolution. I was stunned at the quick, prompt actions they took to resolve my case. My case lasted a very short time. I always received phone calls, letters letting me know every step of action, court dates, what evidence was found, and how much evidence they had. It was very comforting knowing that the Dodds Law Office did everything in there power to resolve my case. With that being said I sincerely thank the Dodds Law Office and the staff for Winning my case. Very hard working; dedicated law firm – Thank You

~ J.S.

Dear Mr. Dodds.

I just wanted to again thank you for the excellent work that helped my son with his traffic troubles. My son and I were expecting the worst possible outcome and that his license was going to be suspended, but thanks to your hard work we got the best result possible. We truly appreciate everything you and your office did to help us. I phoned the office a few times and each time your secretary was helpful and friendly. Your manner was friendly and unassuming, not arrogant or impatient. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing help with any legal problem they may have. THANKS AGAIN!!!

~ R.B.

We were very pleased with all of our dealings with the Dodds Law Office. We got our first appt quickly. Terry returned all phone calls and emails very quickly. He seemed very knowledgeable of the court process at our court dates. We will and have recommended the services of his office.

Terry was non-judgmental, presented facts, alternatives and suggestions in an easy to understand manner. With no prior knowledge of the Legal Court System, Terry became someone we really trusted to help us through. We spent less than expected, and Terry put in five months of work on the case. He was very easy to work with and talk with regarding matters with the case. We’re very pleased with the outcome; two charges were dropped and Terry worked very hard for a satisfactory outcome on the third charge. He also laid on the line possible outcomes. We were very pleased in all aspects of dealing with the Dodds Law Office and would highly recommend the Firm to others.

~ B.P.

I was charged with a violation of “Scott’s Law”, a traffic violation that I did not even know about. If convicted I would have lost my driver’s license for 3 months, which would have ruined my business. Mr. Dodds’ advice to take the case to a bench trial was right on and I was found NOT GUILTY. What he charged me for a bench trial was the same amount another attorney was going to charge me to plea bargain for court supervision, which would have inevitably suspended my license; I don’t think the other attorney was even aware of that.

~ G.A.

Mr. Dodds represented me in 2006 when I was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer. I was innocent and Mr. Dodds believed me. He tried my case to a judge and we obtained a not-guilty verdict. I would highly recommend him as an attorney to anyone for any legal issue they may have. He is a credit to his profession and represented me with the absolute most due diligence. I attest to his professionalism and the fact that he sincerely cares about his clients and people in general.

~ A.C.

I was looking at 8 years in DOC. Because we hired Terry I now have probation. I have a record and was eligible for extended term. He helped show the prosecutors that I was more than just a criminal on paper but a person who made mistakes. I would recommend Terry Dodds to any friend or family member that was in need of a lawyer no matter how bleak their situation may seem.

~ A.S.

My son was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol in August of 2010, while attending Illinois State University. Upon researching the law, I thought the best road for Myles was to hire a local attorney. Being from Palatine, we did not know an attorney in Bloomington/Normal. In researching attorneys available in the area, Mr. Dodds’s name stood out as someone who could help us and we contacted him for a no charge consultation. Mr. Dodds contacted us immediately. He was very honest about what he could and couldn’t do and told us what the best and worse case scenarios could be. He explained his fee structure, how we would make an up front deposit into an escrow account and whatever money was not used would be returned to us at the end of the process. It all sounded very reasonable and fair and we appreciated Mr. Dodds’s honesty about the process. That being the case, we decided to hire Mr. Dodds to handle the case. The case is now nearing a conclusion. The process and outcome went as Mr. Dodds outlined it. Mr. Dodds was very responsive to our questions and concerns. Given Mr. Dodds’s honesty, responsiveness and knowledge of the process, we would recommend Mr. Dodds to anyone needing a criminal attorney in the Bloomington/Normal area.

~ R.S.

Terry, I want to thank you for your outstanding service to me regarding my brother’s case. I really wish I would have known about you first before I had that unfortunate experience with the other attorney. Your advice was put in terms I understood, you were straight forward with all of the information you provided me which enabled me to make informed decisions on which direction to take. You were upfront and accurate with the costs I was looking at, the time it would take and the potential outcome of the case. The first attorney I had hired was dragging me along running up unnecessary bills for things that were supposed to be included and overbilling me. You did more work for less money than the first lawyer I hired and in as expedited fashion as the court system would allow. After my previous attorney experience I have never felt more comfortable. You were honest, patient, down to earth, and sincerely care about your clients. I have no doubt that the medical bills would have gone unpaid in there entirety if it had not been for you.

You can use me as a reference any time you wish with any of your clients. Thank you for all you have done.

~ T.L.R.

The team at Dodds Law Office is fantastic. They handled my difficult case with tenacity and gave it the attention it deserved. Without Terry and Jeanette, I wouldn’t have been able to get such a successful ending to a three year legal battle. I am thankful for their hard work and superior attention to detail. If you need an attorney that will fight until the job is done, Terry Dodds is your man.

~ C.A.

Relentless in his research, Dodds perseveres to the end. The team at Dodds Law Office is fantastic. They handled my difficult case with tenacity and gave it the attention it deserved. Without Terry and Jeanette, I wouldn’t have been able to get such a successful ending to a three year legal battle. I am thankful for their hard work and superior attention to detail. If you need an attorney that will fight until the job is done, Terry Dodds is your man

~ Anonymous Client