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What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make Once They Have Been Arrested and Before They Go to Court that Can Hurt Their Case?

The most common mistake people can make once they have been arrested for DUI is not hiring a good Illinois DUI Lawyer. As a DUI Lawyer in Bloomington, Illinois, Attorney Terry Dodds watches all of his clients’ DUI videos himself. The reason for this is because he has been trained on what to look for. He is the individual in his office that has been trained on field sobriety testing, has read the case law relating to DUI’s, and knows what the defenses are to DUI arrests.

If you are facing DUI/DWI charges, get in touch with our aggressive defense attorney today.

Another common mistake people make after being arrested for DUI is driving while suspended. People are advised not to drive while they are suspended. The reasons for this are many, but the most important reasons are:

  1. Getting caught driving while suspended for DUI is going to make it less likely that the person charged with the DUI is going to get supervision. Not receiving supervision results in a conviction. A conviction for a DUI results in a revocation of one’s driver’s license, not merely a suspension. It is much easier to obtain your driver’s license after a suspension than it is a revocation.

  2. That person is going to make their attorneys job much more difficult because they are less likely to be happy with the outcome, than if they would not have been arrested for driving while their license was suspended versus not having done so.

  3. They could possibly be charged with a felony, compounding things significantly.

  4. They are increasing their chances of spending some time in jail as a result of their DUI than they otherwise would have.

  5. They are going to be required to carry SR-22 insurance once they finally do get their license back (SR-22 insurance is a much more expensive type of insurance).

Attorney Terry Dodds explains the importance of not driving while suspended for DUI to his clients in a letter that he has spent hours drafting. He gives it to all of his DUI clients when they hire him. Not only does the letter explain the importance of not driving while suspended, but it also explains in detail what things they need to do to lessen the impact of receiving a ticket for a DUI. This includes identifying what things the client needs to do in order for them to get their license back easily after their period of suspension is up for their DUI. It helps them understand what is necessary to get reinstated following their arrest for driving under the influence.