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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Bloomington, Illinois

Were you or a loved one injured at work? Not only can a work-related injury disrupt day-to-day life, but it can also have traumatic effects on you and your family. These injuries cause physical, financial and emotional disruption. There is a statute of limitations for workers compensation cases, so it is imperative that legal action is taken quickly.

Calculating What You Are Owed

Many workers rely on their temporary total disability payments through the Workers’ Compensation Act to survive while they are recovering from their injuries.

The Workers’ Compensation Act provides that the compensation rate for temporary total incapacity shall be equal to 66.66% of the employee’s average weekly wage. If you want to learn more about the value of your case, read about calculating a workers' compensation settlement or simply schedule a free consultation with attorney Terry W. Dodds.

How I Get It for You

But what if the injured worker isn’t receiving these payments? What if the person injured by the work-related injury is not receiving medical care or medical treatment? Workers’ Compensation benefits such as these are routinely denied. In fact, the unwritten policy of several insurance companies is deny, deny, deny.

Terry W. Dodds fights for clients who have been injured on the job, and whose rights to workers’ compensation benefits have been frustrated. Clients without representation may find themselves lost in the legal process, not receiving their temporary total disability payments, denied adequate medical care and treatment, uncompensated for their injuries, or severely undercompensated for their work-related injury or injuries.