DUI Statistics in Illinois

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Curbing the prevalence of DUI incidents holds paramount importance in ensuring road safety in Bloomington, IL. Understanding the nuances of DUI statistics in Illinois provides invaluable insights into the patterns and impacts of impaired driving. Delving into the timing, factors contributing to accidents, societal repercussions, and emotional toll reveals a comprehensive view of the challenges posed by DUI incidents. 

Avoid DUI Charges This Blackout Wednesday

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In the midst of the pre-Thanksgiving and holiday season festivities, avoiding DUI charges becomes paramount. Understanding the risks, consequences, and proactive strategies to steer clear of impaired driving during this celebratory time is crucial. Delve into this comprehensive guide to safeguard against the legal pitfalls of DUI charges on Blackout Wednesday in Illinois.

What Are Your Rights When Arrested?

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Being arrested can be a confusing and frightening experience, which leads to the question, “What are your rights when arrested?” You’re entitled to exercise several rights, including the right to remain silent, be represented by an attorney, and make phone calls, as well as the right to humane treatment, reasonable bail, and a speedy and fair […]

DUI: When You’re Pulled Over

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After being pulled over, an officer should only investigate whether or not someone is driving under the influence after he believes there is reasonable suspicion that the person being stopped has been drinking or might otherwise be driving while under the influence.

What Affects a DUI Charge

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There are several aggravators and those come from the Illinois DUI statute. Having a blood alcohol level above 0.16% will aggravate a DUI charge as the fines will be more expensive.

Relevant Illinois DUI Statutes

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As can be seen from the Illinois DUI statute below, penalties increase for each subsequent DUI. Penalties also increase in cases when someone has a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit, .16 or higher.

First 72 Hours After an Arrest

Arrested by the police

Being arrested for a crime, regardless of whether or not you truly committed it, is a serious life event that can be overwhelming, discouraging, and terrifying.

Calculating a Settlement

Workers' Compensation form with pen and glasses

Work Comp settlements are not taxable. As far as how they are calculated, it depends on the body part involved. The Workers’ Compensation Act has a schedule for different body parts.

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