New Law Would Make Supervision Unavailable for Those Caught Speeding Over 40 Mph

A middle aged man with a broken arm and no seatbelt driving a car.

Joe Mahr, wrote in an interesting article today in the Chicago Tribune (i) that some Cook, Dupage, and Lake County judges are under close scrutiny following an investigation by the newspaper for handing out what it believes are excessive amounts of supervision for Illinois drivers caught speeding in excess of 40 MPH over the speed limit.

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School Speed Zones and Phone Usage in School and Construction Zones

Little girl screaming before being hit by car because driver has cell phone and texting while driving Seen from inside car driver point of view

As many of you may already be aware (hopefully not because you have already been ticketed for violating this new statute), the Illinois Legislature passed a new law that took effect on January 1, 2010, limiting the usage of cellular phones in school and construction zones.